The importance of self care

August 12 2022 – Charlotte Flather

The importance of self care

The importance of self care

What is self care? 

Self care can come in many forms, and everyone should find their own route to self care, be it going to a walk, doing some yoga, putting on a face mask or running a bath and lighting a candle and enjoying some pampering. The first thing I would always do is put down my mobile phone, turn off the TV and move away from the laptop. This part is important because how can you really switch off with all of these distractions.


Is self care good for you?

Engaging in a self care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimise frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and help you have a healthier and more positive relationship with yourself.

I like many people with busy lives have never had the time to spend on myself, bringing up two children on my own meant I was on the busy treadmill of work, housework and children so I completely understand how hard it is to find 5 minutes let alone an hour. It is only now my children have grown up and my mental health has suffered mainly due to my menopause hormones that I have the time to spend on myself, and I must admit it feels really good so I believe we should all try and make that time.


Why is self care important?

When I launched Sereia, the importance of self care was my inspiration together with the memories of my late Mum who used to take time to look after herself - despite having six girls! I dreamt Sereia up in lockdown and like many people I struggled with my mental health and self esteem, feeling at an all time low. My daughter had left home, my menopause journey was difficult and I was spending a lot of time on my own – probably too much time!

One evening in early lockdown I decided to light a candle have a long soak and a little pamper which was out of character for me, but it really helped me to relax and wind down. And so my Sereia rituals were born out of a wish that all women would realise the true benefits to your mental health and self esteem by spending a few minutes, or maybe an hour, just focussing on yourself.


How can I add self care to my busy routine?

Sereia is built on different rituals, from a 60 second spa to a full body pamper, using wonderful natural ingredients the products are not only kind to your skin and the environment but smell really beautiful too.

The ‘60 Second Spa’ fits into even the most busy of schedules and uses our Body Cleansing Bars which we have three soap free bars. Our Coconut, Lemon & Poppy Seed, and Red Fruits with Bamboo bars all have natural exfoliators in them and can be used daily. If you have a little more time spare, try using them in combination with our Smoothing Body Mitt to help smooth your skin and target unwanted cellulite.

Finish your speedy spa by massaging the Shape & Tone Body Butter massaged into your damp and warmed skin, leaving it with a deeply hydrated feeling that will last all day.


What is a good self care ritual?

‘Making Time for Me’ is a great ritual for when you have 20 minutes or so to spare. This mini me-time routine starts by lighting a beautifully scented Sereia Summer Breeze Candle - the perfect way to unwind and spirit yourself away to your favourite holiday destination. Complete your mini ritual with our deeply nourishing Shape & Tone Body Butter for beautifully smoothed skin or try our light textured Firming Body Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and vegetable collagen for a fabulous feel good glow!

‘Glow Up and Show Up’ is all about getting beach or party ready and will give you the ultimate Sereia glow. Before showering, use the Sereia natural cactus sisal Dry Body Brush from toe to top. Then in the shower get super smooth skin with our Smoothing body polisher and finish off with our Firming Body Oil massaged into damp skin to lock in moisture for a gorgeous natural glow.


What is the best way to practice self care?

Now time for a full-on pamper session! You may not have time to do this every week, maybe just once in a while, but it is really worth it for beautiful skin from ‘toe to top’! First put on some relaxing music, and light the Summer Breeze Scented Candle. Using your Sereia Dry Body Brush, sweep away dead skin and boost circulation to prepare your skin before a warm shower. Use the Smoothing Body Mitt in the shower in combination with the coconut Body Cleansing Bar. Towel dry your skin and massage Shape & Tone Body Butter into your skin, then take a few minutes to sit back and let the nourishing marine ingredients sink into your skin.


The benefits of self care

However you decide to enjoy a little bit of self care, I really hope you reap the benefits and share your story with us at Sereia. Tell us about your favourite Sereia ritual and help to spread the love, so we can all enjoy beautiful skin, better mental health and feel positively about our bodies.

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