The Rituals

Charlotte has designed all Sereia's products to work in harmony. Whether you have an hour or barely a minute to spare, there's a way to make your Sereia moment special.

Create your personalised ritual with body care powered by natural ingredients and marine nutrients. Here's some combinations tried, tested and loved by Charlotte....


60-Second Spa

Our go-to ritual for a daily dose of gorgeousness.

First, revitalise skin with a Body Cleansing Bar, packed with natural exfoliants and sunflower oil for an instant boost of hydration. 

Finish by massaging Shape & Tone Body Butter into towel dried skin. This richly textured ‘spa-in-a-jar’ gives long-lasting hydration so skin feels healthy and nourished all day.


Glow Up and Show Up!

Heading to the beach or out for the evening? Here’s how to get the ultimate Sereia body glow! 

Before showering, sweep away dull, dry skin using the Dry Body Brush from toe to top, then in the shower, get silky smooth with Smoothing Body Polisher. 

Finish off with a spritz of Firming Body Oil, massaging this into damp skin to lock in moisture for a gorgeous natural glow.


Beautiful from Toe to Top

Start by lighting a Summer Breeze Luxury Scented Candle to enjoy whilst brushing with the Dry Body Brush from toe to top! 

Jump into a warm shower and use the Smoothing Body Mitt with Cleansing Bar, then after patting skin dry, massage in Shape & Tone Body Butter.

Finally, relax for 10 minutes and let the nourishing marine nutrients sink in.