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Sereia is a celebration of real skin through simple self-care rituals that help women feel good inside and out. Taking its name from the Portuguese  word for mermaid, Sereia’s natural approach to ingredients is inspired by founder Charlotte Flather and her late mother’s shared love of the sea, and the abundance of life and nutrients it offers us. 

Both calm and powerful, the sea is nature’s most spectacular force. Sereia embodies this energy to create a range of natural products designed to meet the body and skincare needs of every woman. Sereia is proud to embrace real skin types and textures, and promote the message that all women deserve to love their real skin, not a retouched version of themselves.


We use seaweed extract for its natural detoxifiers, which help to tone and improve skin’s elasticity, and sea buckthorn oil which is rich in vitamins and supports the skin’s natural barrier. The combination of these nutrients in many of our products helps to keep skin looking healthy, glowing and naturally beautiful.


We never test on animals or use by-products from animals. As well as protecting animals, choosing vegan skincare benefits both the planet and your skin. Natural skincare has all the benefits without the nasty bits. 

We believe in quality over quantity. Our products are formulated with fewer ingredients than you’ll find in most skincare, using only what we need, which helps us make them friendlier to the planet - as well as your skin.



“As a busy wife and mother to two grown up children, I have seen my skin change over the years, through childbirth and more recently the menopause. Like many women, I struggle to find time to spend on myself, and have always suffered with low confidence and self esteem. 

“Following the sudden death of my wonderful mum many years ago, I was in need of a change so took on a new role with a leading global beauty brand. This decision would change my life and renew my confidence. Given the chance to speak to women every day, I found that we face the same issues with our skin throughout the different phases of our lives. 

“Through Sereia, I would love to help every woman see that the time we spend on ourselves is invaluable to our mental health, self esteem and confidence."


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