Is an exfoliating glove good for your body?

August 24 2022 – Charlotte Flather

Is an exfoliating glove good for your body?

Is an exfoliating glove good for your body?

Regularly using an exfoliating glove, mitt or dry body brush is very good for the body as it helps to sweep away dead skin cells, which we naturally shed every day. Exfoliating rejuvenates dry skin’s outer layer leaving it looking healthier and smoother, and primes it for the absorption of products such as moisturiser, body oil or body butter.

In this post we answer the questions:

- Why is Sereia’s Body Mitt unique?

- How to exfoliate using a body mitt

- What is exfoliating good for?

- What other ways are there to exfoliate?

- What is best to put on my skin after exfoliating?

- Conclusion

I developed Sereia Skincare following many years working in the beauty industry. Having spoken to lots of women I found that we are all to blame for forgetting about the skin on our bodies, often until the warmer summer months when we tend to show our skin more often. However neglecting our skin when it’s covered up means that it can then take longer to get back into a healthy condition. I believe regular exfoliation is the key to healthy, hydrated and glowing skin.

Why not take your body exfoliating regime a step further with Sereia Skincare’s Smoothing Body Mitt, which works with an exfoliating Body Cleansing Bar made with real coconut shavings. This super exfoliating duo will not only sweep away dry skin and dead skin cells but also helps to smooth and tone the skin at the same time. Read on to find out how…


Why is Sereia’s Body Mitt unique?

The first product in the collection was the Smoothing Body Mitt. The inspiration for this product is my late Mum as I used to watch her exfoliating regularly when I was a little girl and her skin always looked beautiful.

The unique ergonomic design of the exfoliating Body Mitt has a flexible outer pad with nodules designed to be firm enough to stimulate blood flow - an important factor in breaking down uneven skin and unwanted cellulite. When teamed with Sereia’s Body Cleansing Bars, the combined effect is progressive improvement in skin texture and the appearance of a smoother silhouette.

Each Body Cleansing Bar is made with a natural exfoliator - from coconut shavings, to natural bamboo powder or poppy seeds - and are an eco-friendly alternative to other exfoliators in plastic tubes.


How to exfoliate using a body mitt

Sereia’s exfoliating Body Mitt should be used on damp skin whilst in the shower or bath. Use firm circular movements over the whole body, such as on the thighs, calves, upper arms and on the tummy. For optimum efficiency, start furthest away from the centre of the body and gradually move your strokes of the exfoliating mitt in small circular motions back towards the heart. This helps to create an improvement in skin texture and an overall smoother, healthy looking silhouette.

Designed to accompany the exfoliating Body Mitt, choose one of my soap-free Cleansing Bars which are non-drying and made with powerful marine nutrients to deliver a hydrating boost. Currently there are three fresh scents available, Coconut, Lemon & Poppy Seed and Red Fruits & Bamboo, making these powerful little bars a brilliant alternative to body wash and soaps, which can leave skin feeling dry and a bit itchy.


What is exfoliating good for?

Most people want to use an exfoliating glove or body mitt to help improve the look or texture of their skin, whether they suffer from dry or rough skin, ingrown hairs or keratosis pilaris.

Owing to a range of factors, such as temperature or climate, age or hormones, even the foods we eat or the fibres in the clothes we wear, the skin on our bodies can become dry and scaly. This is a sign that the skin’s hydration levels have depleted, which is why it’s important after exfoliation to quickly replenish skin’s moisture with a hydrating product. More on this in a little while.

Exfoliation is also brilliant for treating unwanted cellulite, which occurs when circulation slows down and the skin becomes dehydrated, often symptoms of the hormone changes that occur during pregnancy or menopause. Introducing regular exfoliation to your routine by using a dry body brush or exfoliating body mitt will contribute to an improvement in skin texture, as both encourage lymphatic drainage and improve the blood flow to the skin, resulting in healthier and smoother looking skin texture. This in turn can help support our overall self-esteem and body confidence.

Others may choose to exfoliate to remove fake tan, or in the treatment of keratosis pilaris or ingrown hairs. Exfoliation is great for all these things. Keratosis pilaris, sometimes called ‘strawberry legs’, is a common and harmless condition where small bumps appear on the skin due to a build up of keratin in the hair follicles.

Gentle exfoliation can gradually help over time to unblock hair follicles, but it’s important to use natural products that are less likely to cause irritation to the skin and follicles. Sereia offers several ways to exfoliate that are suitable for all skin types, even dry or sensitive skin, including the exfoliating Body Mitt, Smoothing Body Polisher and the Dry Body Brush, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

As always, after exfoliating with a glove, mitt, dry body brush or product, you should always replenish with a good hydrating product. Exfoliation sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal the renewed cells beneath. It’s important to take good care of this fresh layer of skin by applying a good form of hydration. Sereia has a range of naturally formulated hydrating products, including the Firming Body Oil and Shape & Tone Body Butter, both of which are perfect for use after exfoliation on all skin, even dry or sensitive skin.

My top tip is to apply these products onto warm damp skin following a shower or bath when your skin is at its most supple and the pores are open – trust me, you will see an amazing improvement in the skin texture and how it feels!


What other ways are there to exfoliate?

I also wanted to include a natural dry body brush in my range as for me this is a real game changer and so quick to do as part of my daily routine. My natural cactus sisal Dry Body Brush should be used on dry skin before showering.

Starting at the ankles or wrists, sweep the brush in upward movements towards the heart. Over time you will see a progressive improvement in the skin texture and on areas of unwanted cellulite, resulting in healthier looking skin. Take extra care when using the body brush on irritated skin or areas prone to sensitive skin, using lighter strokes to avoid breaking the skin. To look after your body brush, clean it regularly according to the instructions and leave it to dry naturally.


What is best to put on my skin after exfoliating?

After using the Dry Body Brush or exfoliating Body Mitt, you should always replenish the skin’s moisture barrier with a good moisturiser, body oil or butter. Sereia’s natural Firming Body Oil and Shape & Tone Body Butter are ideal for this. All skin, even dry or sensitive skin types, will love these products’ natural marine nutrients, with jojoba oil, vitamin E, and vegetable collagen, which all help to leave skin looking hydrated and with a beautiful healthy glow. Your chosen product should be applied to warm damp skin following a shower or bath, you will see an amazing improvement in the skin texture and feel.


In conclusion…

However you choose to exfoliate your skin and why, the many benefits will be seen quickly in your healthier looking skin. I challenge you to try exfoliating with the Smoothing Body Mitt or Dry Body Brush for just two weeks - I believe you will be amazed by the improvement in your skin and hope you’ll feel encouraged to feel good in your real skin!

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