Is body butter better than moisturiser?

August 11 2022 – Charlotte Flather

Is body butter better than moisturiser?

Is body butter better than moisturiser?

After working in the beauty industry for many years, I developed Sereia Skincare - my natural synthetic-free skincare brand - to encourage women to enjoy spending time on ‘self care’.

Not only is taking care of ourselves vital for our self esteem and mental health, but also for our skin. The question of whether body butter is better than body moisturiser is a question I am often asked by women, and the answer is simple: it is a matter of personal choice.

What is important however is when choosing between body butter and body moisturiser, take a good look at your own skin and what it needs.

In this article we answer the questions...

- Best body butter for menopausal skin

- Body butters or body lotions?

- What is body butter good for?

- What is the difference between body lotion and body butter?

- Do you use body butter on wet or dry skin?

- Does shea butter help reduce cellulite?

- Why use body butters?

I have noticed my own skin change a lot over the years. Through my 20s, especially following childbirth when the skin goes through many changes due to hormones, normal weight gain and stretching. It is possible that your skin also becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, so treating it kindly is imperative. I would recommend taking a little more time to regularly exfoliate, especially parts of the body prone to dryness, but most of all it is important to massage in really good hydrating products.

For this I would recommend a really good butter like the new Sereia Shape & Tone Body Butter. I am very proud of this product as it is super hydrating and rich in texture – so a little goes along way! The nourishing formula is preservative free and packed full of natural ingredients. The body butter is best massaged into warm damp skin following a bath or shower so that it melts into the skin. This helps to support skin’s natural elasticity and targets stretch marks too.


Best body butter for menopausal skin

I noticed the menopause is when my skin changed the most. I found it happened from my mid-40s, which is the stage at which many women’s hormone levels start to change. I really noticed how much drier and thinner my skin became and while this is a natural part of ageing, there are things I have found really helped improve the look and texture of my skin, which I am keen to share to help all women to feel more confident.

The key to having healthy skin at any age is hydration. This comes from not only drinking water regularly but also treating the daily using hydrating products. If you can, moisturising twice daily using different products will help even more.

I personally really love applying my Sereia Firming Body Oil in the morning as it leaves my skin feeling healthy and glowing – it also smells beautiful so it is perfect for anybody who, like me, is very busy in the mornings.

In the evening after a shower I always use Sereia Shape & Tone Body Butter. It is so rich and hydrating, and contains natural ingredients such as shea butter and vegetable collagen, which makes it perfect for anyone like me that has very dry skin. Don’t forget the elbows and heels as they need extra hydration in particular during the winter and summer months. Massaging this thick, soothing formula in before you go to bed gives the natural oils time to sink deep into the skin’s layers overnight, so you wake up feeling hydrated and nourished.

When I was younger I was very lazy with the skin on my body, which I now regret. I am now far more diligent and spend time on the skin below my neck, and I have to say it really is much better now than it ever has been since using Sereia’s range of body products daily. Taking time out for yourself is vitally important for your mental well being.

Body lotions and body butters are both moisturisers designed to be used on the skin below your neck. Both are hydrating and they can each help care for, soften and minimise dryness on all skin types. But, they’re not all exactly the same. Whether you have oily skin, normal skin or have dry skin areas, Sereia Skin Care can help.


Body butters or body lotions?

I personally find that using a combination of body lotion, body oil and body butter is best as your has changing needs throughout the year, and of course not forgetting different times of the month when our hormones affect the moisture levels. Our skin can be left drier in the winter months due to central heating and because we wrap ourselves up more, but in summer our skin is usually more exposed not just to the air but to heat and sunlight, so it deserves a lot of care then too.

I would suggest regularly exfoliating on the body either using a natural sisal body brush such as the Sereia Dry Body Brush, which helps improve lymphatic drainage, followed by a really good body butter. My recommendation is the Sereia Shape & Tone Body Butter which has a gentle toning effect and is perfect for use all over the body. Its formula contains sea buckthorn oil, vegetable collagen, cocoa butter and guarana seed extract which is great for smoothing, helping to target unwanted cellulite and unevenness. Shape & Tone Body Butter has a creamy texture and some might find unlike lotions, is perfect for applying to dry areas. Because of its high content of shea butter and cocoa butter, it should be used as part of your body skin care regime after a shower or bath when the skin is warm – this helps it to melt into the skin and will leave it feeling soft, soothed and hydrated. Together with the light natural fragrance, this product will leave you feeling ready for the summer and winter months.

Another perfect way to prep for Shape & Tone Body Butter is by using a body scrub. The Sereia Skincare range has a 100% natural Smoothing Body Polisher which contains seaweed extract, jojoba oil, vegetable collagen and is enriched with vitamin E to leave you revitalised.

The biggest difference between body lotion and body butter is the texture. Lotion tends to have a higher water content and more liquid consistency, while body butter is usually thick, whipped and rich - perfect for use all year round, particularly for those with drier or more sensitive areas. Body butter has a higher concentration of heavy moisturisers, such as shea butter and cocoa butter, while body lotion is typically formulated with lightweight hydrators such as glycerin.


What is body butter good for?

Body butter is fantastic for all skin types, however is best for hydrating dry skin and even someone with sensitive skin can benefit from using a natural, mildly scented formula. It is particularly good for use in summer when we spend more time in the sunshine and air conditioning. It helps to replenish the skin’s natural oils and protect the skin from stressors that really affect the sensitivity of the skin, in particular the summer months when hydration is key and the winter months when our skin isn’t getting as much air because we are all covered up, but also because of central heating which is so drying. I used to be guilty in the winter months of neglecting the skin below my chin, however since lockdown when we all had a bit more time, I made a concerted effort to regularly exfoliate my skin and really hydrate it. The results are really amazing and it does make you feel better about yourself.

Many body butters have a luxurious feel so they are an excellent option if you’re looking for a self care moment. It can be used everyday. In the evening after a bath or shower, apply to damp skin and massage in, not forgetting dry areas of the heels and elbows. At Sereia we have a wonderful Shape & Tone Body Butter that is 100% natural and contains seaweed extract which is fantastic for cell turnover so helps to firm and tone the skin, sea buckthorn oil, vegetable collagen for plumper healthier skin and guarana seed extract for skin that is hydrated, firmer and more toned with a wonderful glow.


What is the difference between body lotion and body butter?

The main difference between body butter and body lotion is that body butter mostly contains natural fats. It is thicker, richer and is the perfect choice for those of us that have drier skin which has been affected either by hormones, the climate or if you have sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema. Sereia Skincare has a range of 100% marine infused and vegan-friendly products that not only have really lovely hydrating and skin nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, vegetable collagen, seaweed extract, sea buckthorn oil, all these ingredients will leave you feeling super hydrated, nourished and looking healthy and are perfect for everyone whose skin is crying out for hydration.

Body lotion goes through more processing stages and contains more water so therefore needs to be re-applied more often. If you need something lighter on your skin the body lotion is perfect, however, you will need to reapply it more frequently and it will not have the same hydrating ingredients as body butter does. If you prefer something lighter that is still hydrating you could try the Sereia Firming Body Oil which is full of natural ingredients to leave you nourished with an all-over healthy glow.


Do you use body butter on wet or dry skin?

Body butter is best used on warm damp skin to enable it to melt into the skin. Body butters tend to be thicker and more oily, which is what makes it such a great hydrator for the skin. The best time to use a butter is after a shower or bath when the skin is warm and a little damp, you should take time to massage the butter into your skin, paying particular attention to dry patches such as your elbows and heels. I would personally recommend leaving a few minutes before getting dressed, then your skin will feel healthy, glowing and hydrated.


Does shea butter help reduce cellulite?

Because Shea butter softens and smooths the skin it may help to reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite. The increase in collagen production caused by shea butter may play a role in cellulite treatment, in combination with daily body brushing and the use of a hand held massager, such as Sereia’s Smoothing Body Mitt, will also really help the appearance of cellulite. At Sereia we have a natural cactus sisal Dry Body Brush which will not only help remove dead skin it will also improve the skin’s circulation leaving it looking healthier and revitalised. The Sereia Smoothing Body Mitt works in conjunction with the exfoliating cleansing bar to shape and tone the body creating a sleeker silhouette.

I was asked about cellulite a lot when I worked in store, and we all have it and yes it can be helped! Regular body brushing and lymphatic massage will really help to drain toxins. Regular exercise is a must too, however, the key will also be what you massage into the skin following brushing and massaging. Sereia has a beautifully textured rich formula which is a preservative-free body butter which contains shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, seaweed extract and vegetable collagen which is great for plumping the skin it also has a really lovely natural fragrance and is perfect for massaging into arms, legs, tummy and bottom to stimulate blood flow and this will really enhance the products toning effect.


Why use body butters?

To summarise, I personally will always choose a Body butter over a body lotion because the hydrating, soothing and nourishing effects are felt on my skin for so much longer, so in the long run is also more cost effective. I chose to develop Sereia because my skin is more sensitive and much better from using natural ingredients on my skin, they are also much better for the environment and preservative free, but the most important thing is they are better for your skin so your skin will look nourished, and healthier.

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