How we're getting beach body AND mind ready

June 06 2022 – Charlotte Flather

How we're getting beach body AND mind ready

How we're getting beach body AND mind ready

We probably all look forward to the longer, warmer days of summer. But for many of us this time of year can also bring added anxiety. As we head to the beach, the park or the pool, the thought of exposing parts of our bodies which have been wrapped up since autumn can be daunting. Combine this with image of the so-called 'perfect beach body' which we see repeated over and over in magazines and social media - it can feel like we're being told we have to look a certain way to be able to enjoy our bodies in the summer months. 

That suggestion is just not realistic, nor true to ourselves. In fact, it can be very harmful to our mental health. The reality is that everybody is a beautiful beach body!


So what can we do to prepare our bodies AND minds for the summer ahead? 

This summer, we're getting beach body AND mind ready, so that we can get the most out of the warmer days feeling happy and confident. Read on for some of our top tips for how we can look after our bodies and minds over the next few months...

1. Mindfulness is an amazing tool for helping to promote positive feelings. You can practice mindfulness anywhere that you feel safe and calm. You'll probably find you get the most out of your moment of mindfulness when you have some time to yourself. Lighting a scented candle that reminds you of a happy place can help you to escape on a busy day - try our Luxury Scented Candle, designed to gently carry you away on a Summer Breeze.  

2. Taking a moment to practice some controlled breathing can help to calm our minds. With your eyes closed, slowly breathe in for 4 counts, and then out for another 4 counts. Repeat a few times until you feel calm and in control. Try listening to some soft music as you practice breathing. Finish by saying one positive thing about yourself out loud. You can find some of our favourite daily affirmations on our Instagram - remember to save your favourites for later!

3. Exercise is one of our favourite ways to support the mind and our overall wellbeing - but it doesn't have to mean expensive gym memberships! A walk outdoors is brilliant for our mental health, as is yoga, pilates or even a dance around the kitchen to your favourite song! There's an array of online programmes you can follow from the comfort of your home. Moving our bodies is a sure-fire way to keep those serotonin levels up, and keeping energised helps to boost our confidence for the summer ahead.


How can I show my skin some love ahead of the summer?

Preparing the skin on our bodies before exposing it to the sun is very important. For many of us, our skin has been covered up through the winter months and during this time it often it doesn't receive love that it deserves.

Here are a few tips to help make sure your skin is healthy and ready for summer...

1. Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day is crucial for keeping our bodies and minds healthy. When we become dehydrated it can affect everything from our concentration to how energised we feel. Our skin also suffers, becoming dry and scaly. Our top tip is to add a wedge of lemon or a slice of cucumber, for a refreshing and delicious sip - all in one!

2. Dry body brushing kick-starts the lymphatic system, which helps to boost circulation and drain unwanted toxins. Brushing the skin with a natural-bristle brush also exfoliates the skin's surface, sweeping away dead cells. Both of these effects are amazing for the skin, which will look smoother and more toned. Try our Natural Sisal Dry Body Brush to discover the many benefits of this daily ritual. 

3. Exfoliation is key to smooth, glowing skin at this time of year. Aim to exfoliate a few times each week to remove dry and dead skin cells. Try Sereia's Body Cleansing Bars - each of these soap-free cleansers contains its own natural exfoliant and is gentle enough for all skin types to use daily.

4. Another benefit of exfoliation is that the products your apply after your bath or shower will be more easily absorbed by the skin, now that dry, dead skin has been swept away. For a beautiful boost of hydration, try Sereia's Firming Body Oil - this lightweight body oil packed with marine nutrients will leave your skin feeling happy and hydrated with a natural healthy glow!


Finally, remember...

Now that you are feeling beach body and mind ready, all that's left is to surround yourself with people that make you happy, wear bright colours, enjoy the outdoors, fill your soul with laughter, and truly embrace everything that the summer months offer us. Be free to be your true, unique and real self.


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